Unlike any other decentralized application, Celsius Network is on a mission to provide services that have been ignored by big banks. Things such as fair interest, zero fees, and lightning fast transactions.

Founded in 2017, by Alex and Daniel  in a coffee shop, it has come a long way with the support of the new web app and mobile applications available for both android and apple devices. It has processed more than $8.2B in loans and has a strong community of 1M+ members. Celsius Network provides different services for individuals and businesses. Services where you could

  1. Earn upto 17% APY on your crypto assets
  2. Borrow at 1% APR using your crypto
  3. Transact cryptocurrencies using celsius application

and soon are going to launch their credit card too.

Celsius partners with high-net-worth individuals and institutions to provide a suite of services to lend, borrow and access digital assets. Celsius network provide competitive rates, access to lending and trading desk and and access to 40+ digital assets.

Celsius Network in Numbers
Celsius Network in Numbers

You can become a celsius API partner. These API solutions provide your users with the ability to earn the same rates they would receive in the Celsius app. Access their Developer Portal.

Celsius Community

Community plays a very important role in the success of any project. Celsius Network has a strong community to support new ideas, innovations, reward system and anything else.

CEL Token is their community token project and the holders gets rewarded on every single transaction. So, more CEL means more rewards. You can buy CEL token through celsius application or on some well known exchanges such as FTX, Bittrex Global, Bitfinex and Liquid.

Proof of Community is a new way where Celsius users get maximum transparency on community assets and how rewards are paid to the community. It consists of a Rewards explorer where users can view rewards calculations and distribution. It has also developed an automated audit system for financial services which is known as Horizon Blockchain Audit.

They have their public promo codes which helps new users to earn some kind of crypto rewards.

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