Mudrex is a platform where you could build your crypto trading strategies, and put them to work without writing a single line of code. Mudrex has introduced  a drag n drop functionality, where you could simply chose your set of indicators and make use of various other blocks and connect them to BUY or SELL blocks to give trading signals to execute trades on your choice of exchange.

Making a strategy on Mudrex

Basic components of Mudrex

Strategy Builder comprises of most of the screen space whenever we create a new strategy. It consists of Buy, Sell, Take profit and Stop loss block in addition to the indicator blocks and various other advanced blocks.

Various blocks used to create a strategy

One could create simple to complex trading strategies and put them to use on their favourite exchanges.

Backtesting Engine is where the strategies are backtested over historical exchange data. It helps a strategy creator, improve the trading strategy by constantly looking at the results which comprises of various important metrics such as sharpe ratio, drawdowns, winning and losing streak etc.

Backtest result

Live Trader lets your strategy give buy and sell signals directly to your connected exchange. Live trader will show your exchange balance and user can allocate whatever percentage to trade via Mudrex.

One can also start a paper trader to see how a strategy performs in realtime without using real funds.

What exchanges do they support ?

Exchanges supported by Mudrex

Mudrex keeps on adding new exchanges from time to time. Right now, they have about 8 to 9 exchanges where one could trade.

Mudrex Pricing

If you want to create, backtest and live trade on your own trading strategies, Mudrex comes with two affordable plans as shown below :

Platform usage plans

Mudrex Invest

Mudrex invest is a list of trading strategies where an investor can directly invest from a list of strategies created by experienced, professional traders in the crypto space. Most strategies come with an affordable monthly fees ranging from 1% to 3% of your total invested amount, and some also comes with MDP (Mudrex Protect)

To invest in a strategy listed in the invest section, one doesn't need to subscribe to Mudrex platform plans.

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