The all-in-one platform to create, automate, and monetize trading strategies.

I have been trading, using tuned platform from almost an year now, and tuned has surprised me in every aspect, be it performance, trade execution time, their team dedicated to create new functionalities and resolving issues arising from millions of backtests that happen every day.

What is Tuned ?

Tuned is a platform designed to create trading algorithms, which helps traders to automate their trading strategies, backtest those strategies, run paper trades and finally go LIVE on their favourite crypto exchanges. And it doesn't stop here, if you have a strategy to show off to them, they don't mind giving you a chance to monetize it on their platform.

Tuned Features

How Tuned works ?

Tuned has a free plan, community plan and a performance plan. A trader can start with a free plan and check it's capabilities on what can be done. Here, I would say tuned have done an awesome job. Even in the free plan, you can create strategies, run unlimited paper traders and unlimited live runs with strategy versioning and unlimited backtesting at your ease. It's just that on a free plan you get to run only 100 batchtests at a time, and you will not be able to license your strategy on a free plan. Once a trader is confident with his best performing strategies, he can go with the community or performance plan and license his strategies, for a percentage of profit share to tuned. These community and performance tiers also lets you run 50k to 250k batchtests at a time respectively. Also, for performace tier you get a dedicated account manager and ~10x faster testing speed every time.

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Tuned Plans

Exchanges supported by tuned

Tuned support trading over binance, bitmex, bybit and FTX and plans to expand this to support more exchanges like Coinbase and others as and when need and demand arise.

Who's behind Tuned ?

A very versatile and talented team, who have worked for big corporations like Facebook, Uber and American Express and have ample of experience in the technology world.

Tuned Team


Tuned scripts are written using Tuned Script, which is currently powered by Groovy with a custom API and standard library to easily transform data and generate signals.

Tuned Documentation :

For scripting, tuned has also introduced pine language, as pine is used by a lot of traders for composing indicators and strategies on famous trading tool TradingView

To know more about pine, visit :

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